About Agent Andromeda


Agent Andromeda returns to Austin February through March at the Ground Floor Theater in Austin, Texas in preperation for the launch of the Intergalactic Love Tour. This award-winning sci-fi circus spectacle is prepared to take over the galaxy one hip thrust at a time!

Get ready to meet the smartest, bravest, Hottie McHottiest intergalactic superheroine ever to pull a laser cannon out of a silver mini-dress: AGENT ANDROMEDA! Will she find The Overflowing Chalice, defeat the Dark Queen and still have time to teach two Junior Agents how to flirt with people at parties?
Find out this February when director Rudy Ramirez, playwright Reina Hardy, and a cast of out-of-this-world acrobats bring you this three dimensional sci-fi comedy about a fifth dimensional femme and her sex-positive adventures beyond the stars!
Riffing off sci-fi classics from Barbarella to Mad Max, Star Wars to Steven Universe and all the Star Treks in between, Agent Andromeda: The Orion Crusade is the sexy sci-fi circus spectacle of your glitter-fueled dreams!
Interested in having Agent Andromeda visit your city? Email Ginger at bloodandglittershows@gmail.com for more information.
Produced by Galaxy Corps Productions and Blood and Glitter Productions
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